Trane S9X2 Gas Furnace.

Twice the Precision

The S9X2 offers two stages of heating that adjust fuel usage and run times to deliver just the right amount of heat for your home.

Fuel-Efficient Design

The S9X2 enjoys up to 96% AFUE, and includes Trane’s exclusive Vortica™ II Blower. That means you get quiet and efficient heating that can lower your energy bills in the winter AND summer.

Steady Warm Air

Forget about uneven temperatures. The S9X2 provides consistent, steady flows of warm air, so you don’t need to worry about getting too cold indoors.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With a Hybrid System

Pair your gas furnace with a heat pump to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid system. Your heat pump primarily heats your home and your furnace steps in when the weather gets too cold. Together, they offer you reliable comfort that could lower your energy costs.

Additional Features of the S9X2 Gas Furnace

With a fuel-efficient design, the S9X2 boasts up to a 96% AFUE rating, which means the gas furnace system is very adept at converting fuel to heat. The two-stage heating provides you with consistent comfort that utilizes innovative Vortica™ II Blower technology — so that you get quiet performance and indoor warmth to perfection. An added bonus is that with twice the precision, and automatic adjustment of fuel usage and run times, you can enjoy a furnace that helps lower your energy bills throughout the year.